Consuming at least one third of human lifetime, sleep is recognized by WHO as one of the most important health sign in 21th century, and directly influences health condition of human beingS as a crucial element.

However, do you know why is good sleep essential to everyone?

There’s no one on earth who can live successfully without sleep for 5 days, because sleep is necessary for all living things to build up energy reserves and regenerate body cells & tissues.

During sleep, our heartbeat & breathing slow, hormones growth peaks, muscles relax, and body temperature lowers. Sleep is quite a complicated process carefully regulated by our brain with valuable restorative properties for physical & mental health. Long hours of unsleep many lead to physical & mental turbulence of human, one may even die of that.

Good sleep is the best way of helping human recover from diseases, especially chronic diseases. However, nowadays, pollution turns more & more serious, the environment becomes more & exacerbated, the number of people with chronic diseases keep increase, human beings are facing new threats.

Treatment of chronic diseases requires a long period, however, in such a fast-pace age, there wouldn’t be much time left for people to deal with illnesses, besides, it is not cheap to do that. Many traditional methods are not that feasible because of human limited endurance & time issues. Recover from sleep could generate effective result because body stays in extremely relaxed mood when sleep, which helps human reach the peak of absorb towards remedial elements. Moreover, sleep itself have the function of help human relax from fatigue and regain energy, which increasingly accelerates the recovery from diseases.