Now, you have some in-depth understanding towards sleep and may be surprised that there’re so much knowldge in sleep.

You may tell your friends sleep is extremely important. Yes, it is truly important. However, do you know what may happen if there’s a lack of sleep?

We are stepping into an age with more & more information and faster & faster paces, as a result, we have to consume much time on affairs other than relax & sleep. In such an informationa era, people may have just short sleep or don’t have time to sleep at all, which may lead to sub-health and cause serious problems.

Deprivation of short-term sleep usually causes little physical harm, since body automatically compensates itself for the lack of sleep by increasing its adrenaline levels during the day. One may experience temporary feelings of pessimism or negativity. However, speaking from some activities, like driving a car or operating machinery, deprivation of short-term sleep can even be dangerous. Sleep deprivation is thought to cause half of all traffic fatalities on highways. In fact, studies have shown that being forced to stay awake for 17 to 19 hours can impair abilities, which is the same as drinking 0.05 percent blood alcohol content.

Irregular sleep patterns and lack of sleep can lead to attention span shortage, memory & vocabulary loss, and the like symptoms. Complication includes obesity, premature aging, fatigue & increased risk for diabetes, infection, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, etc. Chronic sleep deprivation can even lead to paranoia or hallucinations.