I have no doubt that in the 21st century, we will continue to see a revolution in pain treatment as long as the news is spread about biomagnet therapy. Until the end of the 20th century, there was little long lasting hope for most pain sufferers. But now, we are entering a new era of pain treatment.

I trust this has been an enlightening read for you. Let’s review some of the more important things we’ve learned.

Drawback of usual pain relief therapies

There are many pain relief therapies available today. However, many of them have at least one of 3 drawbacks. They often cause dangerous side effects, require refills, and/or are expensive.

Once difficult, now easy

Magnet therapy has been used for centuries. Only recently is it beginning to multiply exponentially in popularity. The effectiveness of magnet therapy for pain has been proven by numerous doctors’ clinical studies and also double-blind scientific studies.

Magnetism changes electrons’ spin direction

Magnetism is the energy field generated when the atom’s electrons all spin in the same orderly direction. Magnetic field strength is measure in gauss, one gauss being about twice the strength of the earth’s magnetic field.

The 4 causes of pain

We’ve learned that pain is caused by swelling, poor circulation, high acid levels, and low oxygen. Those four problems are all believed to be reversible by biomagnets.

Stop pain with biomagnets and drink biomagnetic water

Biomagnets can be applied to your body with tape. Or, you can even drink biomagnetic energy into your body by magnetizing water. Magnetizing drinking water results in a subtle, sweetness that you can taste. It stimulates larger plant growth. And it removes calcium deposits from water pipes. High strength – good labeling are the keys Therapeutic-grade magnets are distinguished by several features. The most important feature is the correct labeling of the negative pole. Also important is the high gauss strength for deep penetration into your tissues.

Publicly endorsed

Numerous famous people have put their reputations on the line by endorsing magnetic pain relief. Patients have reported dozens of different types of pain that have been improved with biomagnets.

I hope my research will be used to change your life. I trust you’ve found new hope if you previously despaired of ever living pain-free again. Write down today’s date in the margin of this page. A year from now, it could be an anniversary that you’ll want to remember.
Who else do you know who suffers pain? Now, you can tell them there is hope with biomagnet therapy. Feel free to pass this book onto them. You just might change someone’s life by helping them to magnetize away their pain.

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