Sleep is an essential elements of human beings. One begins a day from sleep in the morning and end up with that day by going to sleep at night.

Do you know the science in sleep? Do you know what happen when you’re sleeping? Do you know what kind of sleep you are experiencing?

For an 80 years old people, at least 25 years of his life were spent on bed.

Record on earth of human to fast is 20 days or longer, however, there is nobody in the world, who can live successfully without sleep for 5 days. Therefore, sleep, is the indispensable need of human beings for it adjusts physical balance and help human regain energy.

Sleep is the best way to relax human body from fatigue and regain energy.
Sleep is a survival mode covering 1/3 of human’s life.
Sleep is recognized by WHO as one of the most important health sign in 21th century.

Sleep could be divided into three kinds, normal sleep, scientific sleep & health sleep based on different levels of human need towards sleep.

Normal sleep fulfills the basic physical needs of human
Scientific sleep balances between the improvement of sleep quality and protection of human body against injury.

Health sleep ranks on top of the three sleep hierarchies, which fulfills the need of scientific sleep and help human body recover from chronic diseases. Health sleep features as follows:

To relax quickly from fatigue and improve sleep quality effectively
To sleep scientifically and reasonably, preventing human from diseases
To help cure many chronic diseases and care human body during sleep

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