Have you ever noticed how refreshed, invigorated and just plain “alive” you feel when you’re at the base of a waterfall, near a natural spring, walking along the beach or in the woods, or right after a good rain?  The reason you feel that way is because negative ions are present in abundant numbers!

To best understand the benefits of negative ions, it’s important to understand the effects that positive ions have on our bodies.  High concentrations of positive ions (and the lack of negative ions) are associated with most of the environmental stressors found in our daily lives, such as exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, pesticides, dust and soot, and the radiation released by high-voltage power lines, computers, cell phones and electric appliances, to name a few.

These positive ions create free radicals, which are known to be harmful to our health.  Tourmaline converts moisture in the air into negative ions which neutralize the free radicals created by positive ions. The higher concentration of negative ions produced by Tourmaline result in the same healthful effects on the body as the negative ions produced in nature.

More and more health experts, researchers and doctors are acknowledging the astounding health-promoting benefits of negative ions:

Revitalization of cell metabolism

Strengthening of the immune system

Stabilization of blood pressure

Improvement in blood circulation (dilation of vessels)

Strengthening of the bones

Purification of the blood (increase in alkalinity)

Facilitation of breathing

Reduction in pulse rate

Enhancement of heart function

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