Using magnetic therapy to relief from pain is one of the top benefits we can get from using it for health, by applying magnet into any painful area that will support the area with magnetic energy which helps relieving pain & speed the natural healing process.

How to magnetize your pain away?

There are 3 ways to get magnetic energy into your body

  1. Apply bio magnets directly over your pain.
  2. Apply bio magnets on your foot and hand nerve reflex points corresponding to the location of your pain.
  3. Drink bio magnetic water.

How to apply bio magnets directly over your pain?

First, let’s learn how to apply bio magnets directly over your pain. You can place a bio magnet over your pain spot by using one of several different methods.

  1. You can use skin tape to tape the bio magnet to your skin.
  2. You can place the bio magnet under a Band Aid.
  3. You can wrap an ACE bandage around your body to hold the bio magnet in place.
  4. You can take two disk bio magnets and stick them together, one inside your clothing and the other outside your clothing.
  5. You can use magnetic therapy products like: magnetic back brace, knee brace or wrist wrap.

Here are pictures of how to hold bio magnets in place with skin tape:

Neodymium bio magnet applied over headache

Neodymium biomagnet applied over headache

Bio magnet applied over tooth pain

Biomagnet applied over tooth pain

Bio magnet applied over neck pain

Biomagnet applied over neck pain

Bio magnet applied over knee pain

Biomagnet applied over knee pain

Bio magnet applied over low back pain

Biomagnet applied over low back pain

Reflexology points

Reflexology points

How to apply bio magnets over your nerve reflex points

Now, let’s learn how to place bio magnets over your reflexology points on your hands and feet. Your hand and feet reflex points are the nerve endings connected to your spine and then your brain. Every organ in your body is connected by nerve pathways to your hands and feet. Magnetic energy can travel through these nerve pathways. Doctors’ clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of healing the inner organs by stimulating the external reflex points. Let me share just one study here: Hopefully you don’t get headaches very often. But, when you do, there’s a proven solution to ease the tension. In Denmark, 220 migraine and tension headache patients were treated by reflexology.

Never use bio magnet therapy for any of the following

Bio magnet therapy is safe for everyone, except for a few special cases.

  1. Pregnant women- Bio magnets are probably safe for the fetus, but they’ve not been tested.
  2. Children under the age of two- Bio magnets are probably safe for infants, but they’ve not been tested.
  3. Pacemaker wearers- Bio magnets could interfere with the battery and electrical system.
  4. On the abdomen within two hours of eating- Bio magnets could interfere with the secretion of digestive juices.


81% of the patients reported that they were helped by the treatments or were cured of their headache problems. You can tape small, disk bio magnets over the reflex points corresponding with your pain spots. For a double or triple effect, you can tape magnets over both your pain spot and its corresponding reflex points. With small bio magnets taped to your body, you can go about your daily activities, such as housework or even at your job. Keep the magnets on your body as long as needed until your pain stops improving or is completely gone. You can even sleep with the bio magnets attached to your body. In addition to applying bio magnets on the outside of your body, there’s even a way to drink bio magnetic energy into your body.

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