For thousands of years Chinese, Egyptians, Chaldeans, Arabs, Greeks, Romans and Indians have used magnets to heal.

According to legend, about 2500 years ago, a shepherd named Magnes found mineral stones sticking to the metal nails in his sandals, that mineral received the name magnetite.

In 2000 B.C., magnetic stones are mentioned in the oldest medical textbook ever discovered, the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, in the 4th century B.C., the philosopher Aristotle was fascinated by magnets, and near the turn of the millennium Cleopatra, the beautiful Egyptian queen, is reported to have worn a magnet on her forehead.

In the 4th century, Martel, a French doctor, used magnets to heal hand and feet’s pain, in the 6th century, Alexandre de Tralles cured joint’s pain with magnets, Hall Abbas, Arab doctor, used it to treat spasms and feet’s pain, in the 16th century, Paracelsus the European doctor, used magnets for inflammation. He was a brilliant thinker and a pioneer for many future magnet healers, in the 17th century, the court physician to Elizabeth I, William Gilbert, published De Magnete, It was the first comprehensive book on magnetism. He used “lodestones” (magnets) to heal bleeding and for its astringent’s properties, Maxwell King CharlesII’s doctor wrote a book about magnet’s healing powers, in the 18th century, the French Royal Society of Medicine concluded that magnets are antispasmodic, relieve strong pains and “cannot be ignored nor contested”.

Franz Anton Mesmer

The German doctor Mesmer was a famous, but controversial magnet healer. It’s questionable whether he did more to advance or hinder magnet therapy. He was a flamboyant showman and public relations self-promoter. Patients flocked to him and this gave magnet therapy much publicity, for better or for worse. In the 19th century, Doctor Magiorani and Charcot used it sucessfully too. In 1925, a french doctor, Durville, wrote a book about magnetotherapy, giving instructions to cure dozen of ailments with magnets. In 1976, in Boston (U.S.A.), the first International Conference on Bio-magnetism was held. In 1991, in Munster, Germany, the eighth International Conference on Bio-magnetism featured 240 presentations and attracted 400 participants. Magnetic therapy has arrived. In 1983, one of the greatest discoveries ever in magnetic was announced. Rare earth neodymium biomagnets were invented which are 700% as powerful as the older ceramic magnets. The neodymium magnetic hold their charge indefinitely, with no significant loss of power after 10 years. At first, their cost was prohibitive, but now they are very economical. Today magnet therapy is seeing a resurgence in use and is an officially approved therapy in over 45 countries worldwide. (Magnet Therapy: Alternative Medicine the Definitive Guide, William H. Philpott, M.D., Dwight K. Kalita, Ph.D, p. 23.)

In the history of medical science for pain relief, there has been no greater discovery than magnetic therapy.

And it’s growing at a phenomenal pace. The legends of Aristotle and Cleopatra have now been tested by 21st century scientific studies which results will amaze you.

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