Magnetic therapy has been repeatedly proven to affect blood microcirculation. This is the blood flow inside capillaries, the smallest blood vessels. When applied to the body, strong magnetic fields make it easier for nearby capillaries to relax or constrict. This increases or decreases blood flow, depending on what response the body requires. Decreasing blood flow reduces swelling and pain after a recent injury or surgery. Increasing blood flow speeds up injury and wound healing and relaxes muscle tissue.

These health effects have been proven in research studies on humans, animals, and tissue samples. In fact, the safety and effectiveness of magnetic therapy has been reported in over 300 studies and clinical trials conducted by major universities and hospitals in the U.S. and around the world. Emphasizing this research, the World Health Organization issued a 350-page report in 2006, including recommendations for continuing research into the physical and behavioral effects of magnetic fields.

The idea of magnetic energy or magnetic therapy is centuries old. Legend has it that Cleopatra wore magnetic bracelets and necklaces for healing. magnetic therapy has long been used as an effective healing tool in China, France, India and Japan, especially in repairing soft-tissue injuries.

Studies on magnetic therapies said. Their activities helped to standardize the use of some magnets, the magnet size and strength-in treating various conditions. The length of exposure to a magnet for healing certain ailments was also determined. Because of their work we know which magnets work most efficiently, for example, a magnet placed in one specific area of the body may not activate the entire body’s healing power, whereas sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad radiates a magnetic field that can penetrate evenly into every part of the body and boost the entire immune system.

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