What Is this Mysterious Force Called Magnetism?

In order to understand how magnetic therapy can heal pain, it helps to first understand how magnetic therapy work. Magnetism is a physical force that has a physical effect on your body.

In a static magnet, the electrical current moves in terms of electrons orbiting around the atomic nuclei. An iron body is magnetized when the electrons become aligned to a greater degree.

Maybe you remember the model of the atom from your high school science class. The atom’s nucleus is a combination of neutrons and protons. Orbiting or vibrating around the atom’s nucleus are the electrons. The model of the atom is somewhat similar to the model of our solar system with the planets orbiting around the sun.

How to make all electrons spin in the same direction?

Each electron also spins, like the earth on its axis. Usually they spin in random directions. But, when magnetized, the electrons all spin in the same direction. When all the electrons spin counterclockwise, it creates a negative magnetic field. Or, when all the electrons spin clockwise, it creates a positive magnetic field.

Magnetic Field

Earth’s Natural, Magnetic Field Is Necessary for All Life. Decreasing field has been linked to many ailments.


A huge magnetic iron core is in the center of the earth. This natural, magnetic field measures ½ gauss by the time it reaches the earth’s surface. It bathes your body and all animals and plants in a permanent magnetic field. The earth’s natural, magnetic field is essential for the existence of all living things, including your body. Plants, animals, and humans need magnetism.

Are you magnetic field deficient?

Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome (MFDS), according to Dr. Nakagawa, is a condition whose symptoms include insomnia; fatigue; stiffness in the shoulders, back, and neck; chest pain; headaches; and constipation. It’s caused by lack of exposure to the earth’s magnetic field. Living in a steel-reinforced, concrete house can lead to MFDS.

Magnetic Field Deficient

Magnetism is a natural energizer for your body. Even the natural mineral magnetite has been discovered in the human brain.

Magnetic Field of a Powerful Neodymium Disk Bio magnet which can penetrate deeply into your body but there is one feature that could mean the difference between soothing your pain or further harming yourself.

Magnets have two magnetic poles, a north magnetic pole and a south magnetic pole. However, these must not be confused with the earth’s north and south magnetic poles. The earth’s magnetic poles are geographic north and geographic south.

Beware: use the correct magnetic pole!

Remember that opposite magnetic poles attract. The opposite poles, north and south, attract one another. And the same poles, north-north or south-south, repel each other. So, a magnet’s north-seeking pole (attracted to geographic north) is really its south pole. And a magnet’s south seeking pole (attracted to the earths geographic south) is really its north pole.

The negative magnetic field is the one to use on your body. It calms the body and is believed to expand capillaries resulting in increased blood and oxygen to the area. The positive field stresses the body and can be dangerous with long-term exposure. Only doctors should apply the positive pole to their patients for special treatments.

Negative – Magnetic North Pole:

Positive – Magnetic South Pole:

Calms the bodyStresses the body
Neutralizes pHIncreases acidity
Increases oxygenReduces oxygen
Reduces cellular swellingIncreases cellular swelling

In addition to using the correct pole, there’s another crucial feature to learning how to magnetize your pain away

How Strong Are Bio magnets?

To magnetize your pain away, you’ll want the most powerful bio magnet possible. Magnet strength is measured in gauss and penetration depth. One gauss is about twice the strength of the earth’s natural magnetic field.

Refrigerator magnets are about 10 gauss. Therapeutic magnetic therapy are often between 500-1500 surface gauss.. The good news is that today there is a new type of magnet that is now 700% as powerful as the traditional magnets. The traditional magnets were often about only 300-400 surface gauss. But, the new neodymium’s magnetic therapy are as much as 2,500 surface gauss. Higher gauss strength means deeper penetration into your body.

You can increase gauss strength and penetration even more by stacking multiple magnetic therapy on top of each other, with the opposite poles attracting. The gauss strength is increased by 1/3 by adding the second bio magnet. So, if you have one bio magnet rated at 2,500 surface gauss, then you add a second bio magnet of 2,500 surface gauss, then your total strength now becomes 3,333 surface gauss rating.

Look for surface gauss rating

Most manufacturers advertise their magnets’ internal gauss ratings instead of their surface gauss ratings. However, the actual gauss at the skin’s surface is much lower than the internal gauss rating. So, in our example above, a magnet rated at 45,000 internal gauss may have a surface strength of only 2,200 gauss.

The penetration of a bio magnet’s field is dependent on both its gauss and size: Length, width, and depth. So, the field penetration of a small bio magnet with a high gauss rating may equal that of a much larger magnet with a low Gauss rating. The earth’s ½ gauss field extends far because of the earth’s large size.

More power = more energy = more depth of penetration.

Now you have to discover what causes you to feel pain. And to get lasting results, how to remove the root cause? Unfortunately, some manufacturers use confusing labels. They label the magnet’s North Pole as its north-seeking pole. And they label its south pole as its south-seeking pole. Danger, danger!

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