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Knee Support Brace

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  • Natural relief from knee pain, arthritis, sprains and tendonitis, relief pain behind knee.
  • Promote faster healing from injuries, swollen knee and surgery.
  • Natural, breathable materials made from black tourmaline best knee brace for running.
  • Onetime expense with no side effects, best for all knee problems
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Knee pain, knee injuries, swollen knee and knee joint pain are knee problems restricts our movement and life, Evra Knee Support Brace offers a natural knee pain relief and knee support all the time all the day.

Evra Knee Support Brace made from Black Tourmaline and based on Magnetic Therapy, breathable and soft materials, that makes Evra Knee Support Brace recommended by health and fitness professionals worldwide for arthritis of the knee, tendinitis, sports and work related injuries, and recovery from knee surgery.

Magnetic Therapy, Based on magnetic therapy, it will improve the blood circulation in and around the knee joint and heightens the blood oxygen level providing effective natural pain relief and speeding up the natural healing process of any knee problem. Evra Knee Support comes with total 24Pcs Bio-North (negative Polarity) with 2000 Gauss magnetic power, magnets are strategically placed over the nerves of the knee providing the maximum natural pain relief.

Black Tourmaline, Tourmaline fiber which provides far infrared for more pain relief and knee support also it is a soft natural breathable materials ensuring daily activities in home, work or during sport.

Comfort, materials & design allows unrestricted motion for all activities all the day, it has a breathable materials for comfort, easy to keep clean

Evra Knee Support Brace provides excellent knee support, but it doesn’t restrict your movement. It can help you to more rapidly improve joint function, and can help to significantly speed up the natural healing process.