Reputable suppliers of therapeutic-grade bio magnets are distinguished by their commitment to quality, honesty, and customer service. If you decide to try bio magnets to relieve your pain, I’ve created a checklist of what to look for in your first magnets.

Checklist for selecting therapeutic-grade bio magnets

  1. Internal and External Gauss Ratings Advertised: Look for both the internal and external (surface) Gauss ratings to be clearly advertised. Remember that the internal rating is significantly higher than the external, surface rating, for example, a bio magnet may have an internal rating of 10,000 Gauss, but a surface rating of only 1,000 gauss. So, be careful.
  2. High Strength: Remember that bio magnet strength is measured in gauss and size of the bio magnet. Therapeutic-grade magnets have a surface rating of 500-1500 gauss minimum. Some high quality magnets have an even higher gauss. I have seen them as high as 3500 gauss. Remember you can also multiply the gauss by stacking two magnets. Seek the highest strength magnets you can find to penetrate deep into your body.
  3. Non-Allergenic, Gold-Plated: Some bio magnets may include ingredients such as aluminum, nickel, or other metals. These elements can cause allergic reactions when they come in contact with the skin. Gold-plating can cover any toxic elements to prevent them from contacting your skin. Gold may also enhance energy conductivity.
  4. Light Weight: Light weight bio magnets can be easily attached to your body. But, a large 4” x 6” x 1” ceramic block magnet can weigh 5 pounds. That’s not too comfortable to try to carry around on your body. A small 6 mm x 2 mm bio magnet weighs only about an ounce. It’s easier to introduce yourself to bio magnet therapy with the smaller, lighter bio magnets. If the small ones work for you, then you can try the larger, heavier ones later.
  5. Neodymium: In 1983, high-strength, powerful neodymium bio magnets were invented. They’re made of neodymium, boron, and iron. They have the highest Gauss ratings of any magnets. Their gauss strength is also more permanent and less susceptible to weaken with age.
  6. One Pole Labeled: One of the poles must be labeled and distinguished from the other. Please listen very closely. Remember that some manufacturers mislabel their magnets’ poles. They assume that the magnet’s North Pole points to the earth’s geographic North Pole. Dangerous assumption! They forget that opposite poles attract. So, the earth’s geographic North Pole attracts the opposite, South Pole of the bio magnet. And the earth’s geographic South Pole attracts the north pole of the magnet. I’ll summarize it here again to clarify:

    Magnet’s negative pole = magnet’s North Pole = Attracted by Earth’s geographic South Pole

    Magnet’s positive pole = magnet’s South Pole = Attracted by Earth’s geographic North Pole

    It’s easy to control which pole is which with a compass. The red/blue arrow will be attracted by your bio magnet’s negative/North pole. Please be sure that your supplier understands this and labels their magnets correctly. One of the poles should be visibly marked. Otherwise, you could harm yourself by stressing your body with the wrong pole!

  7. 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee: A satisfaction guarantee is a main policy that sets apart quality suppliers. If the supplier is confident that their products work, then why wouldn’t they guarantee them? The guarantee should allow you a minimum of 30 days to try the bio magnets. And if they don’t work, or you’re not satisfied, then you should have the right to return them for a full refund.
  8. Guaranteed New, Not Used: A satisfaction guarantee means that a few dissatisfied customers may return their bio magnets for a refund. You don’t want to get used bio magnets that may be chipped, cracked, or weakened by exposure to heat. Make sure your bio magnets are guaranteed to be new, so you don’t have to worry where they’ve been.
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