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Foot Care Socks – Rid of Foot Odor

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Health care sock is specially designed with Tourmaline, antibacterial & deodorization materials to ensure daily healthcare, pure cotton provides good warmness, tourmaline fiber emits far infrared easing various pain, anion is deodorant & antibacterial.

Main Material:
1. Tourmaline fiber.
2. Cotton yarn.

1. Adopted Tourmaline functional fiber releases “longevous element” & “air vitamin”, anion.
2. Far infrared emitted by Tourmaline eases pain caused by various factors.
3. Function of antibacterial and deodorization.
4. Intenerate genial blood vessel, improve foot blood micro-circulation.
5. Special benefit for foot and ankle.
6. One size fits all.
7. Special sizes & colors are acceptable.

Washing Methods:
1. Wash gently with water under 30°C (86°F).
2. Dry cleaning is NOT applicable.
3. Bleacher & other chemical scours are NOT applicable

Storage Methods:
1. Keep in ventilative & water-proof places.
2. Periodic airing is necessary if it is left unused.
3. NO insulation in the wet or smelly places.

1. Mind using for pregnant women and people with heart pacemaker.
2. Mind using for patient with heart failure, malignancy, activity phthisic.
3. Mind using for patient with bleeding illness in treatment period.
4. Keep certain distance away from mobile phone, watch, magcard and the like.
5. Please consult doctor if necessary.