Far infrared is a kind of invisible light wave in spectrum treatment and it has positive impact on human body.

Far infrared may sound a little strange to many people, and the biggest reason for that may be it is invisible.

However, as a matter of fact, human body itself is the natural source of far infrared and this invisible light is quite useful in spectrum treatment.

As a matter of fact, human body is the natural far infrared source. The heat exchanges in the form of far infrared radiation and absorb in the process of external temperature change, and the wavelength of such far infrared is 4–14um, therefore, far infrared falls in such range is called the “light of life”. The “light of life” resonates water molecule of human body to transfer absorbed far infrared to heating energy, and increasingly rises up the temperature of endermic tissues, expands capillary vessels, speeds up blood flowage and increasingly promote blood circulation.

Main effects of far infrared are as follows:
1. Heating
2. Improve microcirculation
3. Biologic effect
4. Enhance blood circulation, diminish inflammation, ease pain etc.
5. Activate cell

Therefore, far infrared textile has better effect on eliminating fatigue, releasing emotional & physical tension, improving sleeping, etc. The most important, it is able to improve blood circulation and increasingly strengthen immune system, accelerate metabolism and cure & prevent human against many diseases caused by microcirculation obstacle.

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