The Energy-binding magnetic suit is patented product of Healthcare4. It is made up of four cone-shaped magnets, which are positioned based on calculated degree and connected with each other by magnetic conductors.

The magnetic conductors integrate and increasingly congregate magnetic force of surrounding cone-shaped magnets Because of its appearance, the magnetic suit is also called X magnet.

Energy-Binding Magnetic Suit (X Magnet)
Energy-Binding Magnetic Suit (X Magnet)


1.Single magnet congregates its magnetic field lines first and then get together with other magnet in the suit, they collectively contribute to stronger magnetic field with the concentrated magnetism.

2.Upwards centralized magnetism enhances magnetic influence.

3.Magnetic lines are broadened and magnetic field is strengthened.

4.The conductor transmits magnetic field lines to the center making denser and well-proportioned magnetic field

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