Have you even used magnet?

Do you know what efficacious it has?

Do you know what may happen if our body runs short of magnetism?

How it could do to help us improve out health condition?


You will find answers here……

If body is lack of magnetism it may cause many diseases; if cell is lack of magnetism, it may increase the thickness of blood and aggravate the burden of heart blocking much sediment in circulation system, which may lead to various diseases of blood, nerve, digestive system, etc.

The use of magnet as medical method could be traced back to 2th century B.C. in ancientry China. The record of curing diseases by holding magnet could be found in 450 A.D. in Greece.

Magnetic medical appliance emerged one after the other after 16th century A.D..

It was very popular to treat high blood pressure & neurasthenic by using magnetic equipment. Carrying various electriferous anion, molecule and inorganics such as kalium, calcium, natrium, magnesium, blood and lymph flow separately in vessels and lymphatics, therefore, blood and lymph are running carrier. It is proved by scientific research that micro- electricity generates when running carrier is in plumb with magnetic lines in magnetic field.

The micro-electricity not only has impact on human body bioelectricity, but also changes the thickness and running speed of anion to produce heat, which rises up the temperature of endermic tissues, expands capillary vessels, speeds up blood flowage and increasingly promote collectively blood circulation and other body functions..


You could see here drossy iron around magnet forms certain shape, and that shape is inviable magnetic field. Based on modern medical research, the main effects of bio-magnets are as follows:

  • Balance bio-electricity and magnetism .
  • Acupuncture effect and adjust equation of body.
  • Enhance human immune system.
  • Balance microelements inner body.
  • Improve blood microcirculation.
  • Calm, assuage pain, diminish inflammation, detumescence, lower blood pressure, lower blood fiber, anti-senescence etc.


Scientifically tests show that EvraMagnetics compound health products with magnetic strips & magnets, have the function of maintaining permanent magnetic fields and generating above-mentioned efficacious.

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