According to biomagnetic researcher William H. Philpott, M.D., of Choctaw, Oklahoma, magnetic field therapy has many applications for the relief of pain. “The negative magnetic field (traditional south seeking pole) provided by magnetic therapy is ideal for relieving pain symptoms due to its ability to quickly normalize the metabolic functions that create the conditions in the first place,” Dr. Philpott says. He points out that the negative magnetic field does not act as a painkiller, or analgesic. Instead, it is a “normalizer of disordered metabolic functions”.

One of Dr. Philpott’s patients was a woman in her seventies who came to him suffering from a fibrous clot in her left groin that made climbing stairs painful due to the way it impinged on the blood flow of her left leg. Dr. Philpott had her sleep on a negative field magnetic pad with magnets also placed at the crown of her head. After one year of treatment, the woman was climbing stairs freely without pain and it was discovered upon further examination that the clot, which had been present for over thirty years, was healed despite the fact that it had never been treated directly.

Dean Bonlie, D.D.S. and a colleague of Dr. Philpott, also employs magnetic field therapy to treat a variety of chronic pain conditions. One of his patients was a retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces who had been released from service on medical grounds for being 48 percent disabled due to three injuries to his lower back. His condition was so severe that he had been operated on and received a spinal fusion. He had also tried medication, heat treatments, chiropractic and physiotherapy, all without long-term results.

Dr. Bonlie applied a four by six inch negative North Pole magnet directly on the injured section of the man’s back for twenty-five minutes and the man experienced substantial pain reduction. Moreover, upon standing up, for the first time in years, he did not experience the flash of burning pain down his upper right leg that had previously been one of his symptoms. Dr. Bonlie suggested he begin sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad and the man soon confirmed that, after twenty-five years, he was finally free of his pain.

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