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Magnetic ring is a natural way to reduce fat, enhance metabolism and relief from pain from different parts of body.

Based on magnetic therapy, magnetic ring will improves blood circulation and heightens the blood oxygen level in the hand area that will enhance the metabolism and deliver a fresh blood to the area.

Asian believes that wearing the magnetic ring will help reduce fat on different parts of the body when worn on certain fingers, It Came from reduce weight by fingers tied.

Hands are concentrated part of never ending, very sensible stimulated the different acupuncture points of fingers to keep fit body, improve health, and balance internal secretion.
Magnetic Ring - Loss weight by magnetic therapy

Magnetic Ring


  • Reduce Fat: acupressure points on the hand correspond to various parts of the body, so by stimulating these points, your metabolism will be increased, thus processes foods more efficiently and Fatty Acids are flushed through the system rather than being deposited.
  • Pain Relief: Based in magnetic therapy our magnetic ring will help you relieve tired, reduce pains and strength health.

Magnetic Ring Usage:

  • Reduce fat of face and neck by wearing it on thumb finger.
  • Reduce fat of arm by wearing it on index finger.
  • Reduce fat of stomach and waist by wearing it on middle finger.
  • Reduce fat of abdomen and buttock by wearing it on ring finger.
  • Reduce fat of thigh by wearing it on little finger.

Magnetic ring Ingredients:

  • Healthy magnetic with 1200 Gauss magnetic power.
  • Copper material.
  • Silver or golden plated.

For best result, keep balanced diets and drinks, and keep wearing rings, also fit it tight around the fingers. Do not use this product or any magnetic products if you have pacemaker and for pregnant.

Magnetic Ring Size:
Our Magnetic Ring comes with adjustable size to fit any figure size.

One Magnetic ring comes with a gift bag.

Magnetic Ring